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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

With spring break at our fingertips, schedules were set to embrace the luxuries of a staycation, or perhaps bags were packed for a destination laden in sand or snow. We said our “goodbyes” and wishes for “safe travels” to students, teachers, and fellow dancers thinking we would be back to our typical busy routines in just a week. Yet, in the “see you laters” we did not realize the weight carried in the word, later. With the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus we spend our days curled up at home because school is out and working from the couch is now the heroic thing to do, and we find ourselves wondering can we get through this and how?

The answer is yes. As for that pesky how? Well, in typical MDM fashion, we will dance. As an integral part of human history, dance is what makes the earth go round, or pirouette if you please. Dance told stories through generations, it chanted prayers, trained warriors for battle, and later boasted of luxury and royal power. It allows for an escape from reality and is the best result of a celebration. Though our current days look different than expected we can find sanity in elements like routine, getting dressed to go no further than your mailbox, and tap dancing in your bare feet or ballet at your kitchen counter. Learning to dance and continuing to train from home will certainly have its challenges, but there is no reason to doubt the good that will come from this. Dance is constant in that it has stood through centuries of change and uncertainty, so even when we are unsure of everything else we should always choose to keep dancing.

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Health & Wellness:

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Tiny Dancers:

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Stay Social:

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