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Jewelry Box Dancer

Dancers, this one is for you! In this bizarre moment, you might find yourself feeling very much like a jewelry box dancer. You may feel confined to a space that is not welcoming to your biggest of battements, but rather your tiniest of tendus. And while you are in this box you worry that your craft will diminish and you will be stuck doing endless spiraling bourrées until you just can’t turn anymore. I am here to remind you that this box is temporary and that you can emerge from all of this being stronger and better than when you went in. I encourage you to expand your imagination in this small space and look for new opportunities for growth, and though you may be in a box all to yourself you are not alone in these uncertainties. Dancers all over the world are trying to comprehend and adapt to their new space, or lack thereof. Here are a few ideas on how you can push yourself during this unexpected time and gain unexpected growth. 

Cross Training:

This is a great way to work the muscles that are usually neglected when dancing. Yes, dance is a full-body workout, but of course, certain muscles get a little more love than others. Try something like yoga or pilates, which don’t require a lot of room, but are great for core strength and stretching the body as well. Or, get some much needed fresh air by jogging, something to keep your endurance and stamina up. Here are a few fresh ideas on how to plank and stay dance-focused while doing it. 


The best feeling is when your body has that “ah-ha moment,” like landing that triple pirouette. Studies show that visualizing your movements can lead to real results. Take this time to see yourself and fine tune all the intricacies of your tricks, and steps and see where it takes you. Read more on visualization here


“See the music, hear the dance.” - George Balanchine

It’s important for dancers to be musically adept and can be the difference between landing a role and not. Read here on how you can step up your musicality. 


A Feel Good Story:

This Company Is Turning Old Broadway Backdrops Into Handbags: Saving Treasure from the Trash (Dance Magazine)

Health & Wellness:

"Honey's Hidden Talents: 5 Surprising Health Benefits for Dancers" (Pointe)

Tiny Dancers:

A fun and simple craft for you and your tiny dancer. Learn how to make coffee filter dancers. (One Little Project)

Stay Social:

Stay connected with us during this time of social distancing! Tag and follow us at @midwest_dance_mechanix

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