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Accepting Rest

Scrolling through social media, I notice every other post is a virtual dance class, home workout, cooking lesson, or the general meme depicting our world’s current state. As a dancer, I am tempted to take a class with the dance stars of today, but then feel guilty for choosing to sleep in late, skip the class and sip my morning coffee instead. I should want to, right? I should be leaping at this chance, typically only granted to those living in busy cities of opportunity, like Los Angeles or New York City. Dancers, we now hold in the palm of our hands' ample accessories to broaden our understanding of dance and to place us a step ahead in our game. However, we have also found ourselves in a great place to find rest, and it might be wise to take advantage of this moment to rest. Change is never an easy thing to process, regardless of if it’s perceived as good, bad, exciting or scary, there is a lot of “newness” to take in, and it can be overwhelming. Society has found itself making a very big switch and most of us probably don’t know if we should settle in and get cozy with this new cycle, or if we should stay alert and ready to bounce back to our daily customs. While we are hoping, praying or casting wishes on shooting stars for the world to return to its normal state, I hope, pray, and wish that we will also accept the rest that comes with this pandemic. That we would give ourselves grace as dancers, parents, and teachers. Dancers, it’s okay to not indulge in the abundance of virtual classes right now. Lose the guilt and take this time to simply give yourself grace while you feel all the emotions that come with your current changes. When you are dancing, the privacy of your own home might finally allow you to lose the pressure of performing for your peers and teachers and give you the freedom to trust your technique and enjoy the movement itself. And It’s okay to not love the fact that senior year didn’t go the way you thought, and it’s okay to be upset that dances that were rehearsed all year will no longer be performed at the time and place expected. Parents and teachers, it is okay to admit that as adults and leaders we don’t really have the answers and that we are all figuring things out one day at a time. It’s important that we keep growing and moving, but it’s important that we rest too.


A Feel Good Story:

Maddie DeVries, of Alonzo King's Lines Ballet, uses her creative energy on the streets of SanFrancisco. Click here to watch. (Lines Ballet)

Health & Wellness:

9 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health (Dance Magazine)

Tiny Dancers:

Click here for dance extras, perfect for your tiny dancer! (MDM at Home)

Stay Social:

Stay connected with us during this time of social distancing! Click here for this week's challenge. Tag and follow us at @midwest_dance_mechanix

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